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BCCAP Launches CAP Solar Opportunities Fund

Bergen County Community Action Partnership has established the CAP Solar Opportunities Fund, which is designed to create economic opportunity for non-profit organizations through the use of solar energy.

BCCAP created its own solar investment fund which takes advantage of the federal and state governement incentives that stimulate solar development in the private sector by sharing the benefits with participating non-profit organizations.

CAP Solar Opportunities Fund has partnered with Golman Sachs' Urban Investment Group to currently place its first round of funding, $10 million, through CAP Solar NJ.

The benefits to participating non-profits are:


— Solar installation paid for by CAP Solar
— Fixed electricity cost for 15 years
— A cash fee once the system is fully operational
— Option to buy solar system

CAP solar opportunities fund

Solar Panels

As owner of CAP Solar, BCCAP strongly endorses this initiative. Interested non-profit organizations please contact CAP Solar by calling 201-488-0858, or e-mailing. For more information, visit